Always remember when signing a lease contract…

  • The Landlord has always to be identified with Tax Code (Codice Fiscale);
  • You need to have a Tax Code (Codice Fiscale);
  • The building needs to have a Cadastrial Identification (Accatastamento: it looks like this “presso N.C.E.U. di Padova, foglio 64, particella 530, sub 2 cat A/2, vani 5,5, classe 3, rendita catastale 1278,23”
  • Security deposit should not be higher than 3 months!
  • You can always terminate a lease contract with 3 months notice!
  • The building needs to have “Certificazione Energetica” (Energy certificate that defines the energy classification of the building, A to G);
  • A contract over 30 days duration has always to be registered at Agenzia Delle Entrate (Italian Tax Agency); The registration has to be done by 30 days from the signature.
  • If you are Extra EU citizen, the landlord must fill the “dichiarazione di ospitalità” to be sent to the questura, along with the registered contract, his id, your id;
  • Always prefer bank transfers to cash payments.

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