FAQ BedStudent

How can I contact you?

The fastest way to communicate with us is a Whatsapp message at no. +39 3917544291!

You will be contacted within a few minutes.

Or if you prefer, let’s get to know each other personally through our video chat system!

If possible, do not send e-mails! We prefer Whatsapp!

How can I book a room?

First of all, let us know your approximate check in and out date! Also, do you prefer a shared or a private bathroom?

Once we understand your need, we will send you via whatsapp available rooms for that period, via a clear Whatsapp link.

Once you’ve chosen the room that’s right for you we’ll send you a booking form to fill out and sign online. No need of printing!

It will then be sufficient to pay the security deposit and the reservation will be considered confirmed.

We remind you that the security deposit is required to confirm the reservation. In case of cancellation prior to your arrival, the security deposit must be considered non-refundable.

Can i visit the room?

We do not allow site visits. In fact, it’s not necessary! Thanks to our accurate photoshootings you will be able to choose your favourite room without going personally to see the room! Save time!

Are the pictures i see in the website real?

Yes, please note that the photos are purely examples of the type of room. Wall colours, furniture placement, layout and decorations may vary slightly.

What is meant by "all inclusive" fee?

All inclusive means that the rent includes the cost of the monthly rent, utilities (electricity, gas, water, heating and, where present, air conditioning), condominium fees, the waste fee, and a WI-FI internet connection at high speed.

What is the duration of the contract?

The minimum duration is one month, but it may change upon availability and period of the year. There is no maximum duration. You decide how much to stay!

Can I terminate the contract before its expiration?

Of course, one month’s notice is enough and you will not be charged any penalty!

In case of early withdrawal, however, remember that 67 euros will be retained for the registration of the withdrawal at the Revenue Agency.

Remeber that this rule DO NOT apply in case your termination requests expiration date falls into the months of June and July. In this case security deposit will be retained.

Can I extend the contract?

Yes, but given the super high request we suggest you to confirm your extension as soon as possible.

Once you confirm us (also via whatsapp) the extension of the contract, we will consider it as a new reservation, guaranteed by your security deposit.

In case of cancellation of the extension, the security deposit will be not refunded.

We remind you that every extension of the contract has a cost of Euro 300 extension fee + the new registration of the new contract of Euro 128.

Do i have to pay a security deposit?

Yes, we require only one month of security deposit, which at the end of the lease, having verified that there are no damages to the property, will be  returned to you in 30 days from leaving the room, net of final cleaning fee (€50) and unpaied dues.

We remind you that the reservation is confirmed with the payment of the security deposit. In case of cancellation of the reservation before your arrival the payment has to be considered not refundable.

Do i need an Italian Codice Fiscale (Italian Tax Code)?

Yes, you DO need it at the moment of your arrival.

It’s important to have it in order to register and legalize the lease contract.

If you don’t have one, ask Univeristy to provide it or go to Agenzia Delle Entrate Office.

Remember that you can anyway reserve a room even if at the moment of the reservation you don’t have one. You will have time to get it before arriving in Padova!

What does the fee not include?

The fee does not include our service charges, corresponding to a monthly fee in excess of VAT. Furthermore, the registration fees of the contract are not included, to be quantified from time to time depending on the duration of the contract.

What is the Service Commission and how do i calculate it?

The Service Commission is the cost needed to cover our activities and effort to make sure that your stay is safe and legal.

In fact, there is a lot of work behind a safe international contract (burocracy, communications to Police and Municipality, legal contract, tax registration, maintenance, cleaning, availability 24h, finding of a nice place for you).

If somebody offers you a room without applying a service commission, it means that it s not a professional organization, and that probably, if you have problems, they won t help.

We have managed several cases of fraud and unbalanced rental agreements.

That is why we are the best rated company in Padova and recognised by University as primary partners.

The Service Commission corresponds to 1 month rent + VAT22%.

To calculate the Service Commission multiply your monthly rent*1,22.

The Service Commission will be payed only one time, at your arrival.

What is the Registration Tax Cost?

All rental agreements need to be registered at the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Agency).

This is the tax required by the Agenzia delle Entrate to register the contract.

The amount is approximately 128 euros,

If you renew the contract you have to register again the contract, and pay again this tax.



Can you simulate how much i will pay in total?

Let’s assume that you would like to rent a room which cost is 500 euros per month.

The total cost will be:

At reservation
Security deposit
At your arrival
Service Commission (one month + VAT22%)
At your arrival
Registration Government Fee
At your arrival
First Month rent
Every month after your arrival
Following months  till expiration
When you leave we give back
–    450,0
Security deposit net final cleaning

Now you can easily calculate your total expense, depending on the cost of the room you prefer!

What about the payment methods?

All the dues (Deposit, rent, commissions, taxes) must be payed to the provided IBAN Account number through a regular bank transfer. 

In case you come from an extra UE country, ask your Bank the best way to pay. Please make sure about the commissions your bank may apply to the transfer.

Also, you may try the online service www.wise.com

What about the Check in Procedure?

A few days before your arrival we will send you all the information to collect the keys independently at our check in hub, located in via Roma 38.

Once you have collected the keys, you can go directly to your Coliving. It will be very easy thanks to our video tutorials and our indications!

On the day of your arrival, you can check in after 16.00.

What about the Check out Procedure?

A few days before your departure we will send you all the information to hand over the keys independently at our check in hub, located in via Roma 38.

You will be asked to leave the room by 9.00 am, free from any personal object, and to send us a detailed video of the room, and, once the keys have been placed in our check out box in Via Roma 38, to send us a photo of the keys in the check out box.

Please follow the check out procedure step by step to avoid additional charges.

Is the contract registered?

Of course, all our contracts are regularly registered. We take care of the online procedure at the Revenue Agency.

Do you deal with "Dichiarazione di Ospitalità"?

Of course, for non EU students we will provide the “Dichiarazione di Ospitalità” and all the related papers to support your Visa or Permesso di Soggiorno Request.

Is your service reserved for students only?

Absolutely not! Our service is also aimed at young workers away from home!

What kind of furniture will I find in the room?

All our rooms have a double bed (or, if smaller, a French Style bed) with bedside table and bedside lamp. You will then find a comfortable wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a desk with its chair and its light.

What is the size of your beds?

We have 2 kind of beds: king size (160*190cm) and french style bed (130*190cm).

Do you provide sheets, duvet, pillow, towels?

We do not provide sheets, duvet, pillow, towels, and in general personal amenities.

Is the kitchen equipped?

Yes, the kitchen is fully equipped with basic stuff (pots, plates, forks…)

Can i have Guests?

We allow guests for a reasonable time (2/3 nights, not more).

In case you will have guests to stay overnight, just inform us.

What are the house rules?

The Tenant undertakes to respect the rules of the condominium regulation which they declare to be well aware of and to observe any other lawfully
enacted norm.

It is absolutely forbidden: To carry out acts and / or behave that may cause annoyance to the other apartments living in the building and the same; Organize parties inside the apartment; Play loud sound devices and in any
case before 9.00 in the morning and after 21.00; Damage the furnishings of the room and common areas; Introduce bicycles inside the building, unless provided for by the condominium; Hosting people unless specifically authorized; Move or remove furniture elements from other people’s rooms, turn off lights in the common areas; turn off the air conditioners if
their use is not necessary. Absolute ban on smoking inside the premises. Absolute ban on the use of electric heaters (penalty applicable from €. 100 to €. 500 otherwise). For the permanence inside the structures managed by BedStudent Srl, also in the light of the prevention of infectious diseases, the fulfillment of the following General Hygiene Protocol is
mandatory. once after use and disinfect the bathroom fixtures (toilet, bidet, sink) with alcohol-based products or bleaches;
Leave clean every time after use and disinfect the bathroom surfaces (floors, shelves) with alcohol-based products or bleaches; Remove hair residue from the shower after each use, by cleaning the drain; Do not leave personal belongings on top of the bathroom surfaces. These must be neatly stored in personal cases. Use of the shared kitchen: It is mandatory for all residents to leave the kitchen surfaces clean each time after use and disinfect with specific products (sinks, work surfaces, stoves, oven, table); Wash the dishes and put them back in the cupboards immediately after using them; Leave
the freezer and freezer clean and tidy by removing unused food; Defrost the freezer every two months; Carry out the separate collection of garbage, separating organic waste, paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, unsorted waste, special waste (batteries, medicines); Remove waste every day.

Use of common areas: All residents are required to keep the common areas clean, frequently cleaning the floors with specific products, as well as surfaces such as shelves and tables;
Do not hang your laundry in the common areas of the building; Do not bring bicycles and scooters inside the common areas of the building. Using the washer and dryer in the evening: the Owner reserves the right to mechanically limit the use of the washer and dryer to the evening time

Rules of general application: All residents are invited to apply this protocol and to monitor its application also towards other tenants, reporting without delay to BedStudent S.r.l. defaulting parties. In case of non-fulfillment of the
Protocol BedStudent reserves the right to send – at the expense of all the tenants of the structure, to be withheld from the security deposit – a specialized cleaning company to restore the required hygienic standard. In case of repeated violation of these rules, BedStudent reserves the right to terminate the rental relationship with immediate effect.

The Tenant declares to be responsible for keeping, with the utmost confidentiality and diligence, the password that has been assigned to him
and that allows access to the system; The Lessee also declares to release the sub-lessor from any liability relating to the use of the wireless network services offered.

Can I Park my bicicle inside the building or in my room?

In general, parking bikes inside the building common area is not allowed. Please park it outside, making sure to lock it with a proper chain.

Also, we do not allow bringing bicicles inside the rooms.