The cheapest rent in the world

Can’t make it to the end of the month? Is the cost of renting the house too high? Then move to Augsburg, Germany. Here in fact in the Fuggerei district you live for only 88 cents a year, the lowest rent in the world.

The small hamlet of Fuggerei, founded in the 16th century by the German banker Jakob Fugger, has become a tourist attraction over time.

It consists of 8 alleys, 67 houses with 140 apartments and a church. Its most famous inhabitant was the great Mozart’s great-grandfather.

At the time, to access it, a person had to be a resident of Augusta, to be Catholic, of good reputation and unable to pay for a house with his work. The annual rent for an apartment was 1 florin. In return, the only request was to say a prayer in memory of the generous benefactor.

Over time the price has never changed, which is why it is still so low. Currently around 150 people live in Fuggerei and, to obtain accommodation, there is a 4-year waiting list. That’s why for many it’s like winning the lottery.

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